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They were criminals. Back then criminals weren't given luxuries like they are today. They were the lowest of the low and were treated as such.

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Q: Why were the convicts treated bad?
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What types of convicts are there?

There are many types of convicts but the main ones are government service convicts, assigned convicts, expirees, emancipists and ticket of leave convicts.

What were the convicts collectively called that were sent to Australia?

They were simply called "convicts".

Why where the Chinese treated bad cause of their culture?

they were treated bad in the US because of how they looked. it was easy to tell a Chinese American from a European American. The Chinese dressed differently looked different smoked opium. They were treaded bad because they were so diffrent, because they stood out so much from the rest of the population

How many convicts were transported to Western Australia?

For the first fifteen years of the colony of Swan River, Western Australia, the people were all free settlers, and did not want to accept convicts. The idea was raised occasionally, mainly by people who wanted convict labour for building projects. The argument for convicts in Western Australia gained impetus in 1845 when the York Agricultural Society petitioned the Legislative Council to bring convicts out from England. Their reasons were that Western Australia's economy was at great risk due to an extreme shortage of labour. Whilst later examination of the circumstances proves that there was no such shortage of labour in the colony, the petition found its way to the British Colonial Office, which in turn agreed to send out a small number of convicts to Swan River. Following the transportation of the first convicts to WA, between 1850 and 1868, 9721 convicts were transported to Western Australia.

What Could convicts expect from their journey and on their arrival?

they were bored.

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How did convicts?

some convicts were treated really badly and others were treated very good, they were not truly free until they gained a free trust. some convicts earned enough trust.

Why were the convicts treated like slaves?

Because that's what they deserve. they had done something bad and this is like their punishment. But it is a bit harsh because all people do something bad in life or do a mistake. No one is perfect.

What was the journey like for convicts when they were at Australia?

It was unlucky for them as they weren't treated well.

How where soldiers treated?

they were treated bad

Did the convicts on the First Fleet get the same care as the military did?

Yes, the cooks fed them all and the doctor treated them all.

How were the First Fleet sailors treated?

The First Fleet sailors were treated well enough, as it was upon them that the marines and officers relied to safely reach New South Wales with the cargo of convicts. However, Captain Arthur Phillip tended to be a little more lenient with the convicts than the sailors, knowing that the convicts would be the ones who would literally build the new colony. Sailors were subject to harsher punishments than the convicts, and their food rations were very similar, except that the sailors had access to cheap rum.

How are Jewish people treated in Argentina?

they are treated bad

Why did England have so many convicts in 1778?

Any countries that didn't accept being taken over by britain became treacherous in the eyes of the monarchical state. therefore many were treated as enemy, i.e. became convicts

How are workers treated today?

They are treated as the same thing bad and treated unfairly!

How children were treated as convicts?

Children who were treated as convicts in the past were often subject to harsh conditions, including physical punishment, long hours of labor, and inadequate living conditions. They were sometimes placed in convict colonies or juvenile detention centers where they faced strict discipline and little opportunity for education or rehabilitation. The treatment of child convicts varied depending on the time period and location, but it was generally focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation.

How were slaves in the south treated during the civil war?

they were treated bad

How were deserters treated in the war?

Deserters in the war were treated as prisoners; held in even closer captivity than the actual convicts, receiving the same food as them and having to work under strong guards to sanitise the streets.