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Proletariat = workers and poor people of Russia. It is derived from French vocabulary.

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Q: What is a proletariat in Russia?
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What percentage of Russia did the proletariat represent?

12-14 million people in the early 20th century

Why does Lenin consider his dictatorship of the proletariat to be preferable?

Lenin's "dictatorship of the proletariat" was never like Karl Marx's version. Lenin's dictatorship was preferable to him because he felt that the "proletariat" of Russia were not sufficiently aware of their class status as proletariat. He felt they needed a strong government run by a small group of people (the Bolsheviks/Communists) who would prevent them from trying to reverse the revolutionary gains of the revolution. If "his" version of the dictatorship of the proletariat were to be turned over to the workers of Russia in general as Marx had wanted, the people might have wanted a return to capitalism and an overthrow of socialism.

The urban working class of Russia the latin word used by Karl marx to describe the have nots?


What would a loyal proletariat stand for in soviet russia?

its when a government ''narwhal" decides hes going to give and "IOU."

Who under Russian Marxism the group of workers who would rule the country?

If you are referring to the Bolsheviks, they were not Marxist. The Bolsheviks set up a state capitalist system in Russia, ruled by those who controlled the state.

When did The Proletariat end?

The Proletariat disbanded in 1985.

Did Lenin believe in a historically determined nature of revolution?

Absolutely not. True Marxian theory was that a proletariat of industrial workers had to form and become large enough and politically aware enough to seize the means of production from their owners. Then they would institute a period of socialism before communism. Lenin believed that by seizing the government he could impose that period of socialism on the country by force. Russia had no Marxian proletariat because Russia was not an industrialized country. It would have taken decades for a true industrial proletariat to arise in Russia and Lenin did not want to wait for it to happen before he could take control of the country.

What is the Proletariat and what did Lenin call for in Russia with regards to this group?

The Proletariat is a social class composed of common workers who own nothing but the right to sell their own labor. They are the ones exploited and oppressed by the bourgeoisie so that they can accumulate wealth at the expense of the proletariat. Karl Marx was the first person to use the term proletariat to refer to the class of common workers and to urge them to unite in order to overthrow their bourgeoisie masters. Lenin included soldiers and peasant farmers in the proletariat and urged them all to unite and overthrow the Tsarist regime and its capitalist economy and afterward to establish a socialist economy and a government run by and for the benefit of the proletariat. Unfortunately for the workers, soldiers and peasants, by "proletariat", Lenin essentially meant members of the Communist Party.

Which is right ploretariat or proletariat?

"Proletariat" is the correct word.

What was the urban working class of Russia the latin word used by Karl Marx to describe the have nots?

Marx called them proletarians as individuals and proletariat as a societal class.

When was Proletariat - party - created?

Proletariat - party - was created in 1900.

When did Proletariat - party - end?

Proletariat - party - ended in 1886.