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The mid-west tends to have cold weather in winter and warm but not exceedingly hot weather in summer. However, parts of Ohio (Cleveland for example) are on Lake Erie, so they get some snowstorms in winter and some humidity in summer. Southern Ohio also tends to get heatwaves in summer.

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Q: What is the climate in Ohio?
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What climate does Ohio usual climate in Ohio?

Ohio gets 38 inches of rain each year

What Climate zone is Ohio in?

98% of Ohio is the Marine west coast climate about 2% of Ohio is Humid subtropical

What is Ohio's climate zone?

98% of Ohio is the Marine west coast climate about 2% of Ohio is Humid subtropical

How does the Gulf of Mexico affect the climate of Ohio?

The Gulf of Mexico does not have any effect on the climate of Ohio. It can alter the climate of places such as Florida or other states nearby, but Ohio is just affected by the Great Lakes and other rivers that are closer.

Is the climate warmer in Texas or Ohio?

Generally, the climate is warmer in Texas than in Ohio. Texas experiences hotter temperatures due to its location closer to the equator and lower elevation compared to Ohio. Ohio has a more temperate climate with colder winters and milder summers.

What is the climate like in Ohio?

sunny and rainy

What similarities do Ohio and Hawaii have in climate?

Both Hawaii and Ohio have warm/hot summers!

How does latitude and altitude affect the climate in Ohio?

cuz it duz

What is Ohios state climate?

WELL....... OHIO CLIMATE IS REALLY REALLY HOT, but sometimes its start to rain some.

Which is usually warmer year round Texas or Ohio?

Texas has a much warmer climate year round than Ohio. This is due to its relative distance from the Equator.

What is Idaho's climate?

Ohio has a temperate climate. Some parts of the state have harsh winters, as well as hot summers, with a low amount of rainfall each year.

What is Ohio's average climate?

Extreme cold for ten months and extreme hot for one month.