When was Hirosima bombed?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Hiroshima (though Hirosima is more in line with the Japanese spelling, since "S" makes the "sh" sound in translations, but is normally spelled as "Hiroshima") was the target of an American nuclear bomb attack on Monday, August 6, 1945.

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August 6th 1945.

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Q: When was Hirosima bombed?
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Where was first atomic bomb dropped?


When did the US bomb hirosima and nagasaki?

August 1945

Why did US bombed Japan?

Well first of all the Japanese wanted to take over the pacific, so there first task whas bomb the Americans, ( Pearl Harbor ), Do to how the Americans forces were to strong for them to take by regular war, so they did the element of suprise.

When first atom bomb dropped on hirosima?

that was on August 6 1945

What has the author Fr Hrubin written?

Fr Hrubin has written: 'Hirosima'

Which Japanese cities did the USA drop atomic-bombs on?

Hirosima and Nagasaki

How many people were killed at Hirosima?

See: Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Is bombed an adverb?

No, the word bombed is not an adverb.The word bombed is actually a verb and a noun.

Was Sofia bombed during World War 2?

Yes, Sofia was bombed and was bombed by the Americans! ;)

Was martin Luther king's house bombed?

yes his house was bombed

Why did the US attack Hirosima?

Harry S. Truman attacked Hiroshima because he needed a way to end the war quickly. The atomic bomb did just that.

How did John F. Kennedy react when he was bombed?

If he had been bombed I am sure he would have been frightened. I did not know that he was bombed