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by choosing relly hard

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Q: Why has your movement affected so many people?
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How many people are affected by rohypnol?

Rohypnol is illegal in the United States, so it is hard to tell how many people are affected by it.

How were the different groups of people affected by the Korean War?

There were various types of people with many different cultural backgrounds being affected by this war. there were so many countries getting involved that it had an affected the people living in the counrty

Why has the Great Awakening affected so many people?

Because it changed so much people's religious beliefs

How many people have been affected by Malaria?

2,000 peoples have been affected so ha ha ha thickos:-)

How did zaptista guerrilla movement affect Mexico?

There was a lot of war so it affected mexico.

Why are there so many blind people in Madagascar?

Because of the water in the surrounding area is affected with many unknown diseases

How many people were killed during the gay rights movement?

The gay rights movement is not over, but so far, thousands have been killed.

How many people have died in Pakistan floods?

As of the latest available data, the exact number of people who have died in Pakistan due to floods varies by sources but has been reported to be in the thousands. The floods have also displaced millions of individuals and caused significant damage to infrastructure and livelihoods.

Why did many people in Northern Ireland support the civil rights movement?

Simply, because many people in Northern Ireland were being denied their civil rights, and so they and others went to support a movement that was trying to get them.

A patient was admitted to the medical surgical unit with a stroke that affected the motor neurons in the pyramidal pathway. This affected the loss of voluntary movement to his left side.?

Voluntary movement is coordinated by the cerebellum on the left side of the brain so if that's the case the right side of his body would be affected

How are thai people affected by activities elsewhere in the world?

they are affected by not having many tourists so if they have not may tourists they will not have a very good economy thailand get there money by tourism

How many people in the US are affected by paraneoplastic syndrome?

It is said that as many as 50,000 people in the united states have paraneoplastic syndrome. It is a side effect from having cancer, which is why it is so popular.