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In WW1 Hitler was shot on his horse in no-man's land and got sent back to Germany to recover.

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Q: Anything about Hitler's army life
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Which country was not captured by adolf hitlers army?


What have you gained from Adolf Hitlers legacy?

from hitlers legacy my family's men have always joined the army since WW2

Did Hitlers army come to his funeral?

Hitler never had a funeral.

When dih hitlers army invade Poland?

September 1, 1939.

What was hitlers life like?


What happened in 1939 in Canada?

In 1939 Hitlers Army seized the rest of Czechoslovakia

Who dictated Hitlers secret army?

The SS was under the command of Heinrich Himmler.

What happened to Hitlers army and Napoleons when they invaded Russia?

They were both beaten by the Russian winter.

What was hitlers goal in his early life?

art painter

Is there any movie have been made about Hitler's life?

hitlers daughter, hitlers life, Eva braun: being the wife of Hitler, schindlers list+ lots more

When was Austria Anschluss with Germany?

In March 1938 Hitlers army entered Austria who were welcomed and united

Who wrer the Nazis?

the nazis were hitlers personal army. he developed the nazis because the treaty of versilles only allowed germany to have an army of 100 000.