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Segregation had a horrible effect on African Americans. It made them feel less than human, that they were 2nd class citizens to the white people, and like they were not good enough to be out in public.

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First, Black kids had no right to go to the same school with white. Second, Black people had no right to go in white-only restaurant theaters, taverns, and other public places.

Third, the whites would hang them, whip them, or even sometimes torture them for no reason for blacks. Fourth, blacks were no allowed to vote. Fifth, there will be black people that will help there black kind to give us our rights like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther king Jr, and other people that can gain freedom to the blacks.

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Q: What effect did segregation have on black people?
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The effect of segregation was different on different businesses. Segregated Black communities had their won businesses that were often reasonably prosperous, but that became less so when formal segregation was ended and the more prosperous black people could move to integrated areas inconvenient distances from those businesses.

What did segregation mean to black people in the southern states of America?

Segregation meant that the black people were not allowed to eat at the same resturant as white people etc...

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Legal separation of blacks and whites was commonly referred to as segregation in the United States, particularly during the Jim Crow era. This practice was enforced through laws known as Jim Crow laws which mandated racial segregation in public facilities and institutions.

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Mississippi was hell for black people

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cos of segregation

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