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the ordiance binded in together

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Q: How was the dispute over western lands settled by the northwest ordiance?
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What was the last territory to join Canada?

Wrong AnswerNunavut, on April 1, 1999. Prior to that date, that Territory was part of the Northwest Territories. It had been split because people thought Northwest Territories was too big so they decided to divide it. =========================================================Right Answer1. Nunavut was carved out of the Northwest Territories in order to create a self-governing territory for the Inuit. The decision to create Nunavut had nothing to do with the previous size of the Northwest Territories. 2. Nunavut did not "join" Canada. It was already a part of Canada by virtue of being a part of the Northwest Territories.3. The last territory to join Canada was the "remaining British possessions and territories ... and the islands adjacent thereto" pursuant to the Adjacent Territories Order, dated July 31, 1880.Prior to that, on July 15, 1870, Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territories had been transferred from Britain to Canada. On the same date, the federal government created the Province of Manitoba out of part of the former Rupert's Land.

What conflicts of interest lay between rome and carthage?

Domination of the Western Mediterranean.

What are facts about Anthony Henday?

Anthony Henday was one of the first white men to explore the interior of the Canadian northwest. He was a native of the Isle of Wight who was a convicted smuggler and joined the Hudson's Bay Company in 1750 as a net-maker and labourer.

What is western Europe's prosperity base on?

Western Europe's prosperity is based on strong economies

What year did the northwest territories become a part of Canada?

Rupert's Land and the "North-western Territory" were transferred from Britain to Canada on July 15, 1870. After the transfer, both were merged under the name, "The North-West Territories."

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How was the dispute over western land settled by the northwest ordinance?

No more than ten

When the western lands were being settled a dispute happened between who?

the Mexicans and french

What western dispute caused the delay of the ratification of the articles and how was it settled?

The dispute that threatened to divide the states during the ratification of the Articles of Confederation was the land beyond the Appalachian Mountains. The question was just who held the title to those vast lands. The King of England had closed the area to settlement in 1763. Virginia led the way by ceeding the northern part of her western lands to the government in 1781. The other states, except Georgia, followed suit. The Northwest Ordinances of 1784 and 1787 were then enacted to settle the land dispute and to map out the territories.

What law was passed in 1787 that established a system for creating new states from the western territories?

in 1778 the congress passed what is called the northwest ordinance act.this was a way for the states to push into the Indians land and the french,others may inprove on this answer but its a start.

As the Western lands were being settled a dispute occurred between?

cotton farmers and fur traders Right Answer for Plato : Open-range cattle ranchers and farmers

How did the US and Great Britain settle their disputes over western territory?

The US and Great Britain settled their dispute over the western territory by signing the Oregon Treaty in 1846. This treaty sealed the deal on a compromise on the boundaries between British and American land.

Does Morocco remain embroiled in a territorial dispute with Western Sahara?

Yes, but not as written. The dispute is over the control of Western Sahara. Western Sahara has no sovereign government yet, so the dispute between Morocco and the Sahraoui Polisario, a militant organization claiming to represent the Sahraoui people (the people of Western Sahara).

What states are directly northwest of Minnesota?

North and South Dakota are on the western border of Minnesota. To the northwest is mostly Canada (Manitoba and western Ontario).

What increased the likelihood that the states would dispute each other's claims to western territories?

What increase the likelihood that the states would dispute each other's claims to western territories

Was Jamestown settled on the eastern or western of North America?

It was settled on the eastern part of North America. The western part of North America was not settled or explored for nearly 40 years after the initial colonies had been established.

How were the western territories governed under the northwest ordinance?

the northwest ordinance

Where was the west during Articles of Confederation?

If you mean as in the dealing with western land, then it eventually settled that all western land gained (both claimed by states and unsettled territory) was bought by the government and then redistributed to individual buyers under the Northwest Ordinance and Land Ordinance of 1785 and eventually surveyed.