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The rich wore very nice clothing while the poor wore tattered clothing.

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Q: In the renaissance times what did the rich and the poor wear?
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What would men have wore in elisibithan times?

poor men would wear rags rich men would wear suits and top hats i think

What did rich and poor Victorians wear?

clothes hhshshfhshhfds

What was it like being rich and poor during ww1?

the rich would wear costly fabrics and the poor would wear wool and linen.howeve, the sumptuary laws dictated whta you could wear according to your rank

What did victorian children wear rich and poor?

clothes hhshshfhshhfds

Did the rich and poor Tudors wear the same clothes?

no they didn't.

Was there a difference about what poor people wore and what rich people wore?

People have always made differences about what poor and rich wore but if poor people ere equal to rich then both wear the same things.

What did the poor people wear and what did the rich people wear?

well poor people wear shabby torn cloths that never get washed. rich people wear suits,dresses,nice shoes,and many other things that are nice and can cost alot of money.

Did poor people wear shoes?

yes poor people did wear shoes in the Tudor times

What is the difference between a poor Tudor and a rich Tudor?

well poor tudor's wear cloth,dirty and smelly clothes but rich tudor's wear diamonds,clean and comfy clothes.

How many items of clothing did the Irish own if they wear rich or poor?


What do kids wear if they were poor?

they would wear old clothes that can't be washed if there parents were rich the kids get new stuff to wear

Are all Russians poor?

Many are but the ones who are rich are overly rich who wear Gucci and Louis Vuitton! :) Never generalize!