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Merchants vs other higher classes

Peasant vs. State Authorities and vs. Landowners

There were probably more, but that is all I can name right now

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Q: What class conflicts disrupted Chinese society?
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What group in the Chinese society was the lowest class?


How you use the word disrupted in a sentence?

The strikes have disrupted the train service.He disrupted the rest of the class with his behaviour.

Why did ceremony become a part of upper-class Chinese life?

ceremony became an important part of upper-class chinese life becausethe chinese believed that it would help unify society and prevent greed.

How did the Indian caste system differ from the Chinese society?

if som1 from a lower class insulted you in the Chinese system you could rape their daughter in public. no joke look it up.

Can you use disrupted in a sentence?

You have disupted my class for the last time.

What did Karl Marx stress throughout history?

Karl Marx emphasized the role of class struggle as the driving force behind historical developments. He argued that history is shaped by conflicts between the ruling class and the working class, leading to revolutions and the eventual establishment of a classless society.

Nigeria class society?

yes nigeria is a class society.

Is a division of society by rank or class is called?

A class based society.

What was the lower class in Roman society?

The lower class in ancient Roman society were the Plebians.

What is the motor of history according to Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto?

According to Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto, the motor of history is class struggle. He believed that history is shaped by the conflicts between different social classes, particularly between the bourgeoisie (capitalist class) and the proletariat (working class). Marx argued that these class struggles would eventually lead to the overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of a classless society.

Who were member of upper class in Maya society?

The members of the upper class in Maya society were kings, priests, warriors and merchants.

What is a sentence for sector?

The middle-class sector pays high taxes. The public sector often conflicts with the private sector in society.