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Come home victorious of die fighting

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Q: What did the Spartans exspression bring back this shield yourself or be brought back on it mean?
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What is a Spartans favorite weapon?

The Shield. Although a Spartans spear and sword were important, the shield was considered the most important because it protected you, and the man next to you. Losing your shield was a disgrace, and Spartans couldn't leave the battlefield unless they abandoned their shield.

What did the V on a Spartan shield represent?

Spartans didn't have a V on their shield, They had a Lambda, which looked like an inverted V. A Lambda is the Greek letter L, Spartans wore it on their shield because it stood for Laconia, which is the part of Greece the Spartans are from.

What greek city had an expression bring back this shield yourself or be brought back on it?


What is a brass shield?

A brass shield was a shield crafted form brass, rock, and other metals. This shield was most commonly used bye the Spartans from Greece.

Why is the master chief the last of the Spartans?

He is not. they thought he was because alot of the spartans died when reach fell. and the surviving ones went MIA (they were in this shield world thing) but after master chief got lost in space they found the remaining Spartans.

Did Spartans fight with their shield?

A Spartan's shield was his most important piece of military equipment. They used their shields to both attack and defend, defending from enemy strikes and hitting enemies with the shield, stunning them and possibly breaking bones.

What happens to Dr. Halsey and the Spartans after they enter the shield world inside Onyx?

You can read the book glasslands and find out if you want.

Who sings-so shield yourself from the snowman?

The mockers. The song is called Shield yourself and is available on their greatest hits released 2007

Is it true that the Canadian shield was brought to north America by the viking?


What is the difference between a spartan and athenian hoplite?

The main difference between the Spartan and Athenian is that Athenians wore a breastplate and did not have the Red cape that Spartans wore. Spartans did not wear the breastplate but instead fought only armed with Shield and Weapon.

What was spartas culture like?

The Spartans were professional soldiers in ancient Greece. Their martial discipline was unequaled in Western culture. Their idea of a march would be a full run for regular soldiers. To build their shield arms, they "marched" (ran) with their 60 lbs. (29 Kilo) shield straight out. The Spartan shield was key to their success in combat. A phalanx of Spartans could interlock their shields which was impenetrable at the time. A shield of that quality could not be breached alone and in combination allowed them to advance on their foes with spears penetrating the ranks of the enemy. The most famous Spartans were the 300 that stood against the 1,000,000 Persians of Xerxes' army. The Spartans managed to kill over 25,000 of Xerxes' army over the course of two and a half days.

What weapons did the Spartans use?

Mainly spear and shield. Spartan hoplites (infantry) used relatively short swords (xiphos) as a secondary weapon.