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The Queen has nothing to do with the head of the government. The prime minister used to be picked by the queen but they stopped doing that. The queen is barely recognized in Canada. Please don't let that false answer bother you! :P

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The head of Government for Canada is officially the Queen, but her power is mainly that of a figurehead. Her representative in Canada is the Governor General, which in turn appoints the Prime Minister, who is deemed as the person best able to command a majority of House of Commons votes (basically, the leader of whatever party won the election).

The PM (and ministers appointed on his or her advice) are the sole constitutional advisors to the Governor General on the exercise of executive governmental powers.

The present PM is the Right Honourable Stephen Harper(member of the Commons for Calgary Southwest), appointed by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean.

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Q: Who is head of the Canadian government?
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Who is the real head of the Canadian government?

The real head of the Canadian government is Queen Elizabeth II

Is steven Harper in the Canadian government?

Yes, he's the head of the Canadian government as the Prime Minister.

Chief of state of the Canadian government?

Her Majesty the Queen is the Canadian head of State.

Head of Canada's government?

the current head of the Canadian government is Conservative party leader Stephen Harper. He leads a minority government.

Which branches of the Canadian government does the prime minister head?

The legislature and the executive.

Could the Canadian government override a decision made by the Queen?

The queen makes no decisions regarding the government of any of the countries that she is the head of state of.

What is the premier of British Columbia?

The "premier" of a Canadian province or territory is the person who is the head of government of that province or territory.

What is the difference between Canadian government and Thai government?

Once is Canadian and one is Thai

How many people are in the senate in the Canadian government?

There are 105 senators in the Canadian government.

Who leads the Canadian Government?

The Canadian Crown is Canada's main governmental system. The Canadian Crown is the foundation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Canadian government.

What are some ways that Canadian politics differs from the politics in the US?

Some ways that Canadian politics differs from the politics in the US: Canada has the Queen of England as their head of state while America has a President, Canada has a prime minister as the head of their government while America has the President.

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